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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Peach the Destroyer: Issue 008

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I like today's issue. We have backgrounds on half of the panels and panicked/confused Peach in panel 4 feels extra-adorable to me (I think it's because I gave her my patented "unnecessary rubbing of my head while panicking" move). Also, 7 comics later, I finally found a better way to do static than what I did in the first issue.

So we get an ounce of plot going with the evil robber birds. Will we ever see them? Are they real? Are they a figment of Peach's imagination? These are all really good ideas that I hadn't thought of before! Will we get answers to these questions? Maybe!

Also, this week's update feels like the right time to highlight one of the several webcomics that helped inspire Peach the Destroyer, The Adventures of Superhero Girl. It's good fun and how Faith Erin Hicks managed to turn Blogger into a decent webcomic setup is (obviously) beyond me. So check her comic out, it's pretty awesome (just for the record, I am in no way the inspiration behind the strip I linked to and I'm pretty sure Superhero Girl doesn't know Peach or any of C.A.T. Force exists).


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