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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Peach the Destroyer: Issue 010

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Good morning, destroyers! Okay, I'm going to point out stuff in today's comic because I have LOTS to geek out about. First off, I really like doing gag comics. I think this is one of several instances where "Peach's Day Off" is superior to the Chupacabra arc because I have a good sense of where everything's going, so I know how the story ebbs and flows a lot better. Also, this gag has been sitting around in my brain since the conception of "Peach's Day Off," so I'm glad I finally got to do it.

Second, I'm in an especially good mood today. Why? Well first off, this is our tenth consecutive comic! Also, Tuesday marked the 2-month anniversary of Peach the Destroyer! Woo! (I'm assuming people other than me are happy about this) Yes, it's a mild hallmark, but know what? It's mine.

Finally, to celebrate this occasion, I'm going to be listing 10 of my favorite webcomics to coincide with the next ten updates. Note that I don't say "top ten." It's not out of paranoid fear of David Letterman will come after me, but it's just that I'd have a hard time ranking these into a system and, frankly, I think it would keep me up late most nights with worry. With that disclaimer out of the way, I hope you'll all be back next week to see what happens next in Peach's Day Off and to see what I have to say about some of my fellow webcomic creators!


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