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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Peach the Destroyer: Issue 011

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Not much to say about the comic this week. I apologize for the massive dialogue dump, but things are slowly getting into place and there is a payoff coming (the payoff is better than off-panel fighting and Peach solving things by yelling the name of the comic, by the way).

On to exciting things, like my Ten Favorite Webcomics. This week, I'm highlighting Wayward Sons: Legends. No, not this...I'm talking about this.

First, some backstory: last summer, my wife and I went to San Diego Comic-Con. I literally have no idea where, why, or how, but somewhere on the show floor I got a promo copy of Wayward Sons. I read it on the flight home, looked it up online, and I was instantly hooked.

My painfully oversimplified explanation of the comic is imagine the Greek pantheon battling the Egyptian pantheon, except everyone's aliens. Who have superpowers. I'm probably killing my own fanbase by handing you a link to these guys. Once you see the fine, professionally-crafted beauty of their DAILY updates (who ever heard of such a thing?! Clearly not me...), you'll probably be reluctant to come back and see my silly cat doodles once a week.
Wayward Sons, for me, is the golden standard of webcomics. There's layer upon layer to the story, the artwork couldn't be better, and it's something I look forward to starting my day with.

As a (nerdy) aside, I'd like to say that Benny Powell and the crew at Red Giant Entertainment (the team responsible for Wayward Sons) are top-notch guys. When I first went to their site, the layout was different, and there was no RSS feed. I emailed them about this and within 24 hours, I had a reply assuring me upgrades were coming. Not only that, but months later, I got another email because someone saw my old email and wanted to make sure I knew that they DID have an RSS feed now. Great guys all around.

Well, that's all for now, kids. I'll see you next week!


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