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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Peach the Destroyer: Issue 021

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Good morning, Destroyers!

So…it's kinda been a while. Honestly, 100% my fault. I got distracted by the siren song of stuff like Minecraft (which you'd think I'd be able to avoid since a new update's coming soon and I'll wind up restarting my game anyway) and Reddit (which is just a timesink in general…plus there's a Minecraft section. See how one problem feeds another?).

So yeah, I had a whole extra week to sit and think about how to make it up to you guys, soooo….BIG, GIANT DOUBLE-SIZED COMIC THIS WEEK! Huh? Huh? Pretty cool, right? My original plan (inspired by an issue of The Adventures of Superhero Girl) was to tie up the vampire story arc in one super-giant-mega-happy-fun-time comic, but that just felt cheap and, frankly, there's still some cool stuff for this arc and I'd rather not rush it (it would be like trying to screw up the Dark Phoenix Saga--oh, wait, Fox already did that...great, now I'm sad [not really]).

I like this comic, probably a lot more than if I had done the original idea. I mean, I got to work in an Aliens reference! Not every webcomic can pull that off!

And so, in closing, I apologize once again for that off week last week. Trust me, we've got plenty more adventures on the horizon, so come back next week for more Peach the Destroyer!


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