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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Peach the Destroyer: Issue 020

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Good morning, Destroyer fans! Check it out, we're back to the good old 6-panel comic layout! Not much for me to say about this one, except that I swear I'm going to try and make the squirt bottle look…well, more like a squirt bottle in the forthcoming comics.

Today finally wraps up my Top Ten Webcomics. I'll be honest, it's been tough picking one out every week, so I hope you guys have enjoyed the ride. This week I'm picking Unshelved, the 9-years-running creative work of Gene Ambaum and Bill Barnes. I remember slogging through the archives for several weeks to get caught up on this webcomic based around an often-struggling library and its crazy cast of regular patrons and coworkers. As a bonus, there's a weekly book review comic!

Well, now that our own Peach the Destroyer has made it to 20 comics, what do we have to look forward to? Well, I've got plans. Ideas. Y'know…stuff.


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