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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Peach the Destroyer: Issue 023

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Good morning, destroyers everywhere! This issue marks the beginning of the end for The Mission in Prague story arc, with a surprise allusion to our old friend from the Peach's Day Off arc (I'm linking to that issue mostly because I like how I drew his facial hair).

Speaking of archery-based characters with facial hair (yeah, how's that for a subtle segue?), I'm getting my toes wet with comic book collecting this week with the purchase of Green Arrow #1 and Action Comics #1 from DC's New 52. Of the two (surprise, surprise), I found Green Arrow to tell a better story (although I did have complaints...Oliver Queen without a Van Dyke? HE USES A COMPOUND BOW?!) and Action Comics felt a little rough around the edges (though I did like it when a character yelled out "Somebody! Save me!"). Of course, everyone's eyes will be on Action Comics since A) it's Superman. B) It's written by Grant Morrison. and C) It's the book where Superman wears short sleeves and a pair of blue jeans. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying I won't be picking up the book next month, because I'm sure everything will be smoothed out by issue 3 at the latest, I'm just commenting on a few things.

Anyway, back to Peach, this comic officially makes The Mission in Prague the longest story arc we've had yet (and we still have wrap-up comics to do!). I'm excited, it feels like I'm growing as a storyteller.

Soo...yeah. I'm gonna go read me some comics, kids. Have a safe week!


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