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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Peach the Destroyer: Issue 013

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Whoa! Six panels of non-stop action! Well...four panels of non-stop action and two panels of Peach being a little bit of a fangirl. But still, just look at how far we've come in 13 issues, gentle audience. Plus, hey, there are even some backgrounds! Will the evolution ever cease?!

Overall, I'm pretty proud of this one. Don't worry, we'll be seeing more of this mysterious new figure (who, yes, is very blatantly based on my favorite DC Comics character) in the future.

Moving on to this week's entry in my Ten Favorite Webcomics, I'm picking something a little more random today...Brawl in the Family. My wife found it via a tweet from ThinkGeek, she told me about it, and I've been hooked ever since. Yes, it's more than a little silly. Yes, it's nerdy as all get-out. But y'know what? It's darn good fun. Matthew's Brawl in the Family keeps things light, with great Nintendo-flavored comics starring the entire pantheon of Nintendo characters (yes, even some from NES games I never got to play when I was a kid...fortunately, he likes to explain things in his commentaries for people like me). At the time of this entry, the latest Brawl comic shows the unexpected consequences of Link smashing random pots for money in all of the Zelda games.
It's just awesome.


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