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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Peach the Destroyer: Issue 015

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Okay, first off, color? In MY Peach the Destroyer?! WHAT?! Okay, I needed a cheap crutch to show who was talking. Yes, this is my lovely wife's first appearance in Peach the Destroyer, albeit in audio form. Also, this conversation is more or less torn from my relationship and was one of the reasons I started Peach the Destroyer was to find an excuse to use that conversation.
Oh, and for everyone out there who's not familiar with the Nightman TV series (read: everyone), I present you with this:

Today's entry in my Ten Favorite Webcomics is El Goonish Shive. Dan Shive's long-running webcomic started as a simple gag comic and has evolved over the years to an awesome adventure comic dealing with high school, magic, an anime-style martial arts dojo, clones, and a main character who can transform into a squirrel (not necessarily in that order). Every morning I have somewhere around 20-30 comics lined up in my RSS feeds and El Goonish Shive is one of the ones I have to read as soon as I can to start my day. It's a fun slice of crazy that I'd highly recommend to anyone, especially if they liked last week's Dr. McNinja recommendation.


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