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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Peach the Destroyer: Issue 017

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I'm sorry that the comic's kinda...short this week,, I tried writing around this moment or including a smaller version in a regular comic, but I really wanted this to be a big comedy moment and devoting an entire comic to it was the only way to do it.

One thing about Peach the Destroyer that I always strive for is rotating the art style with every arc. This arc I'm trying to bring a touch of Mike Mignola to the table, with a bit of Miki Aihara manga influence for the Photoshopped-up backgrounds (for the record, I painstakingly followed a very nice Photoshop tutorial to get the rock texture for the tunnel, but I think it came out looking like a picture of crumpled-up paper in some panels). I bring this up because every arc gives me a chance to re-design and re-create the characters. In particular, the return of Mittens brings a new take on the character that comes off looking like the director Guillermo del Toro. Why do I bring this up? No reason, I just think it's funny.

Before we get to my weekly installment of my Ten Favorite Webcomics, I'd like to shamelessly namedrop my new obsession...Spotify (that link is to a site to request an invite). Spotify is the reason I never signed up for things like Pandora,, etc. It's a great program for streaming music and, from what I've read, it offers the largest catalog available.

For this week's entry in my Ten Favorite Webcomics, I'm going to highlight one I just started reading this past weekend, Doctor Cat. Yes, it's the second doctor-themed webcomic I've recommended, and the second cat-related webcomic I've recommended...but this one's completely different! It's a cat! That's a doctor! And it's freaking adorable because Dr. Cat says stuff like "thank mew" and acts all precious and cat-like! So, clearly, if you're already here, odds are you fit the profile to check out Doctor Cat while you're at it.

Well, faithful reader, that wraps things up for another week in the Destroyer business. Tune in next week for more wacky feline action!


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