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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Peach the Destroyer: Issue 027 (Plus...You Guessed It...Comic Reviews!)

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Good morning, Destroyers!

Today's issue emphasizes what Peach the Destroyer will be about for a while, which is mainly me settling into a single art style instead of attempting arc-specific styles. Basically, we'll be seeing Peach from the Peach's Day Off arc interacting with Mission in Prague Mittens and retaining the halftone-patterened photo backgrounds from Mission in Prague.

But enough of all that blathery-talk. We've got comics to review! I forgot to take notes today, so these are going to be a little bit fast and loose. Please bear with me.


  • Action Comics #2 (released 10/5)

Okay, remember how I said I was on the fence with issue #1? Yeah, this blows all those misgivings out of the water. We get some great Lex Luthor moments (and that's Dr. Luthor now), some really solid moments of Superman being…well, Superman, and even some cameo appearances by John Henry "Steel" Irons and John "Metallo" Corben. I loved the setup, with Superman held captive and being tested by Luthor and the US military. It's a classic scenario, but it feels new and different. I take back everything I said about Action Comics #1, this is definitely a title to watch in the New 52.
  • Blood Red Dragon #0 (released 10/5)

All right, stop me when this sounds crazy. So Stan Lee meets Japanese rock star Yoshiki at a party--
I know I told you to stop me, but lemme finish!Anyway, they get to talking, Stan Lee decides he wants to do a comic starring Yoshiki, Yoshiki decides he wants Lee to cameo in one of his music videos as Satan--
I know, I know. But lemme finish!Anyway, long story short, Blood Red Dragon is the fruit of Stan Lee's wacked-out labors and, as worried as I was with it being a "Lee has an idea and hands it off to a separate writer/artist team," this book was amazingly solid. Maybe it's because the artwork has a very obvious manga vibe (I'm not familiar with the artist on this book, so I'm not sure if this is his usual style or not), or maybe it was because a lot of the comic's backstory felt eerily reminiscent of Lewis "Linkara" Lovhaug's "Atop the 4th Wall," but I thought this was one of the best things I read all night.
  • Justice League International #1 & 2 (second printing of #1 released 10/5, #2 released 10/5)

DC, forgive me. I missed the first printing of Justice League International out of…well, ignorance. Golly bob, howdy was I missing out! The guy I initially dismissed as being "I dunno…um…Crab-Man?" Yeah that's the Chinese superhero August General in Armor, and he friggin' steals the show with his bickering with the Russian member of the team, Rocket Red. Seriously, so much love for this book. Batman practically tells a joke! Go. Buy it now. You. Will. Not. Be. Disappointed.
  • Snarked #1 (released 10/5)

I'm a little (read: lot) rusty on my Alice in Wonderland mythology, so I'm sure a lot of this goes right over my head. But it's a story about the Walrus and the Carpenter   helping the children of the king, who's lost at sea. There's tons of Wonderland references (and I'm sure I missed a lot that more learned readers will catch). Recommended, especially if you have kids who might enjoy it, too.
  • Swamp Thing #1 & 2 (second printing of #1 released 10/5, #2 released 10/5)

Poor Swamp Thing. This book's kind of…weird, and not just in the way you'd expect when your title character's…well, Swamp Thing. Issue #1 feels an awful lot like it was written for Old DC, and when rumblings started to kick up about the relaunch, Swamp Thing got tossed in there without any rewrites. Issue #1 reads fairly okay, aside from that whole "written pre-relaunch" problem, but Issue #2 has so much exposition you feel like there should be a blank page that just says "INTERMISSION" so you can catch your breath. There are two 2-page spreads with MASSIVE walls of text! I'm hoping that this was just a misstep and, now that the exposition's out of the way (I can only hope that was all of it), we'll be moving on to a better third issue next month.
Well, that wraps things up for us this week, friends. Have a good week and I'll see you next Thursday.


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