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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Peach the Destroyer: Issue 031

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Good morning, Destroyers everywhere!

Really not much to say about this week's comic...we're basically in exposition mode to set up next week's issue, which looks like it'll be pretty awesome, right? Anyway, on to the weekly comic reviews...

  • Action Comics #3
I love this comic. I may have said it before, but all the hype DC put into Justice League #1 should have easily been put into this title. Grant Morrison hit his stride in issue #2 and this 100% builds on it. We get to see a brand new threat come in from multiple points and, as good as this issue was, #4 looks like it's shaping up to be a doozie…
  • Blood Red Dragon #1
I'm still surprised that, of all books, Blood Red Dragon is one of the ones I look forward to the most. Seriously, if you read manga and Western comics, you owe it to yourself to read this. Feel free to skip issue #0 if your comic shop can't get ahold of it…issue #1 is just as accessible without it (though you are shortchanging yourself some gorgeous artwork). While we're still in "exposition/setup" mode, it's automatically forgivable since this is issue #1 and our titular Dragon gets thrown into a trial by fire by the issue's end.
  • Green Arrow #3
Okay, watch out because it's Joe and it's a new issue of Green Arrow. I love this book because it feels very "cinematic" to me. It's real easy for me to sit down with an issue like I would a DVD and get wrapped up in another rollicking GA adventure. That being said, I hadn't been too keen on what the solicits kept referring to as "the Jersey Shore of super villains." It's bad enough I know what Jersey Shore is…don't let it invade my comics, please. Fortunately, not only does this story wrap up, we also get bleeding heart liberal Oliver Queen speechifying and condemning reality television. God bless you, Oliver Queen. May the nation heed your call.
…however…there are some growing pains going on in the DC offices and one of them is the loss of JT Krul as writer of Green Arrow. This means the Black Canary team-up we were promised last month? Nowhere to be found, and Oliver uses a sonic attack arrow at one point…blatant last-minute swap or coincidence. Discuss in the comments.
  • Justice League International #3
I love everything about this book. If you absolutely, positively have to read only one Justice League book…make it this one. You won't be disappointed.
  • Peanuts #0
This book could have easily gone either way. It could have been a classic…or it could have been like those lame fake Charlie Brown cartoons TV stations try to pawn off on us every year after the Halloween/Thanksgiving/Christmas specials air so they can fill up an hour of programming.
Fortunately, Peanuts #0 delivered. I think part of what worked in its favor is it tells a few short stories broken up by classic Charles Schulz strips. The end result feels very satisfying and you get to touch base with several characters instead of just following one for 20+ pages.
  • Snarked! #2
Roger Langridge continues to knock it out of the park with Snarked! The way he constructs his prose and dialogue is absolutely superb and is by far the best writing I've seen this week. If you have kids--or even if you don't--you owe it to them to have them read this beautiful book!
  • Stormwatch #3
Okay, I'm gonna say it: I really like this book. I like that, in the DC Universe, there's a book about an organization that doesn't want the Justice League "bumbling up" their operation. And they're fighting the moon. No, they're not fighting on the moon…they're fighting. The. Moon. It's a glass of Kool-Aid that's at least worth trying.
  • Swamp Thing #3
All right…this is it. This could have been my final issue of Swamp Thing. And then, literally, I turned the page and it felt like I was reading a Mike Mignolia comic (which automatically gives any book a lot more leeway from me). Yes, there was more exposition, but it was a lot more organic (sorry) than last time. Plus, we have a creepy creepy threat in the form of a child. KIDS ARE CREEPY! So yeah, I'm sticking with this one. I like that there's room for something like this in the DC Universe.
Well, that's all we've got this week, kids. I'll see you next week! 


Jamie said...

I say blatant last minute substitution. There was no reason for the sonic thingy to even be on an arrow. I'm sad that we (most likely) lost the "Green Arrow goes to Japan!" story that was supposed to happen in #4 too. But really, I enjoyed this issue more than the previous two. I think having new writers will turn out to be a good thing.

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