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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Peach the Destroyer: Issue 032

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Good morning, Destroyers!

So…yeah. For a webcomic that's all about cats fighting/destroying monsters, I'm usually pretty terrified of showing any real action/fighting. But…I think this might just be the best fight scene we've had so far. And, God help me, next week looks like we're in for more. ANYTHING COULD HAPPEN!

The Devil Monkeys…enh, I like the head, but I think the body could use a little work. The problem with researching Devil Monkeys is…there's not a whole lot to go on. There's this mugshot-looking sketch I had (which I based the head off of) and one supposed photograph of one (it's basically been debunked as being a barking dog), so I had lots of room to play. Who knows, maybe we'll see some variation next week…and especially when we meet the dreaded mothermonkey.

So anyway, on to comic book reviews! Kids still dig that kind of thing, right?

Avenging Spider-Man #1
What? What? WHAT?! A Marvel book?! Yeah, I'm not saying I'm a hardcore DC fanboy, but let's just say I'm still a little sore over the whole One More Day debacle.That being said, Avenging Spider-Man is the kind of book I can get behind. It's light on continuity (what's going on with the Avengers? Who cares, they're good guys, the giant robot's evil. Got it) and heavy on fun. Also, when did Red Hulk become a decent character?This book reads in a great, stylized, kinetic manner that makes it super easy to pick up, regardless of how much or little you know about the characters. However…I have one excruciatingly nitty nit to pick. Who was in charge of the layouts? Who thought a 2-page spread was necessary for the credits? Seriously (you might not be able to tell, but I'm trying to give my "disapproving" look here). But anyway, good comic. Check it out.
Batgirl #3
Okay, this book started out being a little…divisive for me. On one hand, the beginning really shocked me and almost turned me off the book, but on the other, Nightwing suddenly showed up and the issue almost felt like flirty filler by the end. At first, I felt kind of annoyed, but the appearance of Nightwing let us have some good character moments with Barbara/Batgirl in-costume. Also, new this issue (as far as my memory can tell) is the looming threat that Barbara might wind up back in the wheelchair if she's not careful, as she should be taking her time adjusting to her still-somewhat-new status as a non-paraplegic. I think I like that as a looming threat simply because it's not supervillain-related. Overall, this was a good character piece that helped push Batgirl forward.
Frankenstein, Agent of S.H.A.D.E. #3
I love this book. Like I said before about Swamp Thing, this is a great testament to the variety in The New 52…there are weird, dark little corners where friggin' Frankenstein, a werewolf, a mummy, a vampire, a sort-of-sea-monster, and Frankenstein's ex-wife spend an issue fighting a giant spider (apparently Jon Peters worked on this comic). Then the spider eats Frankenstein. Then Frankenstein…seems to punch the spider's brain out through its stomach. Yeah. This happened. This is a comic someone got paid to write and you can buy it and it's pretty glorious from this grindhouse Hammer horror perspective.

Kirby: Genesis! Silver Star #1
Hey, look! Someone at Dynamite was listening when I said Jack Kirby's legacy could fuel a whole slew of comic books (and this is the first of many spin-offs. Yes, I'm happy). This issue is an epic ton of ground-laying that I basically love. I'm not sure exactly how this fits in with Kirby: Genesis' chronology (I'm firmly taking the late Dwayne McDuffie's "every [comic] has its own, individual continuity" answer on this one until I'm told otherwise, thank you), but it intrigues me because it seems like this book will be a character study on what a lifetime of war and superpowers does to a person.
Superboy #3
This is sort of the climax to last month's issue and…maybe if they'd tweaked the script a bit, this story could've been told in one month instead of two.Anyway, plotting issues aside, this was another solid entry into our new Superboy. He got to get out and about, see the world, discover a little bit more about himself, and hey, next month promises answers! Good read, but there art's starting to look a tad wonky…especially that last page (and that's not even getting into the plot problems that become apparent when you start to analyze it).
 Well, I think that about wraps things up for us this week. I'll see you next Thursday, everyone. Remember to bring your friends!


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