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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Peach the Destroyer: Issue 037

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Good morning, Destroyers! case you were wondering, there won't be a Peach the Destroyer Christmas special this year. Mostly because after last week's, let's be honest, sub-par issue, I really wanted to ratchet things up this week and get some tension building. Hopefully you guys like this week's issue, because I'm really proud of it.

Anyway, on to comic reviews! Standard warning: here be (some) spoilers!
Kirby: Genesis - Silver Star #2
  • I missed out on this one last week (protip: if you're going to read several tie-in stories/serieses, go ahead and add the titles separately; don't always count on your shop to assume you want all the things)
  • We get to find out Silver Star's hobby: building Earths. Apparently he and his lady love Norma made them as a series of trial-and-error tests to see if it was possible to solve all of Earth's problems, but mankind always found something new to squabble about to push themselves towards armageddon. The interesting idea is that Silver Star says they learned the correct balance of intervention and applied it to the real world. So the next time you complain why Superman doesn't just go ahead and solve the rest of our problems, just look to this comic for your answer.
  • I'm not 100% positive, but I think this issue confirmed my "Silver Star = Captain America" theory…because we met one of his villains, who seems to be North Korea's answer to Red Skull.
  • Speaking of villains, there's a great 3-page bit where Silver Star checks in on some of his old nemeses to find Norma. All this scene does is make me want to see these guys hatch their own evil plots. Seriously, there's some great, albeit messed up, character design work going on.
Wonder Woman #4
  • I love whoever's been handling the covers on Wonder Woman lately. There's this great raw, graffiti-like look to them that just pops. It also makes me like the less-than-inspired Wonder Woman logo (seriously, what is it with the logo on most of the new 52?)
  • We got to check in on our deity characters Apollo and Hera this week…it's been a real slow-burn arc so far (if my memory's correct, we haven't seen either of these characters since issue #1) and, believe it or not, I'm actually kind of enjoying it.
The Bionic Man #5
  • Woo! Now that Steve Rogers is bionic, we're putting him out in the field! The first two pages consist of a standard mission briefing, with the phrase "low-impact, danger-free field test" being used. If you're wondering, Steve lasts 9 pages before things get bad and a full 12 pages before things get off-the-rails crazy.
  • This month's issue was some rock-solid spy action with a great fight scene thrown in at the end (and the promise that this was just a lead-in to next month's fight!). If this is the direction the book's headed in from here on out, I'm in.
Birds of Prey #4

  • After getting out of a tight spot and finding themselves in way over their heads, the Birds finally make good on the tease we've all been looking forward to since this book started: Batgirl shows up! Seriously, this team-up felt so natural it took me a while to realize the "and now…Batgirl!" tagline on the cover was actually a big deal.
  • Umm…the ending of this issue makes me realize that the Birds' inviso-enemies are, in actuality, The Silence from the latest season of Doctor Who (I apologize about the video being kind of lame, but I wanted something that could work if you had no clue what I was talking about and that was the best I could do on short notice).
Supergirl #4
  • Aww, man. We just introduced and killed a cool new character in the span of four pages. RIP Jacobs…dude had potential.
  • This issue is just non-stop action as Kara tears the evil space-base apart, gets her costume back, and blows the dang place up. It's still weird because Kara doesn't understand English and the humans in the comic don't understand Kryptonian, so the reader's the only one who "gets" the full conversation. I hope Kara gets her learn on quickly for nothing else than the fact that it would make future plots a bit easier for her.
Justice League #4
  • Oh, Aquaman. Even in the past, nobody gave you respect. Except Wonder Woman.
  • Hey…remember how everyone calls Aquaman "that guy who talks to fish"? Yeah…he uses that to summon sharks who jump up and eat parademons out of the sky. So show a little respect.
  • Darkseid comes to Earth (it's issue 4…this seems like it might be too early for you to make your presence known there, Darkseid) and, because his presence is just too awesome for a single page, he takes up two back-to-back 2-page splash pages. Granted, he doesn't really do much other than…show up, but it's Darkseid! Next month's gonna be awesome!
Well, that wraps things up this week. Have a merry Christmas, drive safe, and I'll see you back here next week!


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